Tacoma columnist calls for national vote by mail

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“Enough is enough,” writes Tacoma News-Tribune columnist Matt Driscoll, lamenting polling glitches witnessed across the country on Tuesday.

There were long lines across the country, with voters far and wide forced to wait hours upon hours just to have their voices heard.

In some places, there weren’t enough voting machines. In others, precincts were late to open. In still others, there were ballot shortages, car crashes and power outages — all of which needlessly affected peoples’ Constitutionally enshrined right to vote.

It was painfully evident on Tuesday that in many states, voting systems failed voters.

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Friday is deadline for Georgians to apply for absentee ballots

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County election officials in Georgia have closed almost 8% of their polling places since 2012 according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Closures took place in 214 precincts and one-third of the counties across the state.

Of the counties that have closed voting locations, 39 have poverty rates that are higher than the state average. Thirty have significant African-American populations, making up at least 25 percent of residents.

Those voters can request a non-excuse absentee ballot to vote in the November 6th election, but they must do so at their county elections office by close of business on Friday [deadline details].

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